Edgewood Tahoe Resort

Sustainability and Philanthropy



"To be stewards of the land, guardians of the Lake, and solid corporate citizens of the communities in which we operate"


The fact we borrow this land from future generations is something that is not lost at Edgewood Tahoe, which is why we remain committed to a continued legacy of land stewardship and environmental redevelopment. With every move we make, our number one focus is always on minimizing our environmental footprint and keeping this pristine area just as pristine for those who come after us, as it was for those who came before us.


Prior to breaking ground on The Lodge, Edgewood completed several "threshold" improvement projects including:


- Treating and removing 500,000 lbs. of sediment per year from Lake Tahoe via enhanced wetlands and deepened filtration settling ponds.


- Realignment and daylighting of Edgewood Creek to allow native fish passage and spawning habitat.


- Acquirement and demolition of several obsolete, environmentally unsustainable properties and restored the land to a natural state, creating a neighborhood park on one site.


LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, and is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe is a LEED silver certified building, with the following achieved projects:


LEED Certified


- Lake sourced cooling system, by extracting 43-degree water from Lake Tahoe, eliminating use of electrical to cool the water, reducing our carbon footprint.


- Use of locally sourced materials, such as the granite sourced from a local quarry, eliminating the impact of long distance shipping for those materials.


- Providing employee bike racks, employee shuttles, and employee locker room showers so that employees can bike and walk to work.


- Pedestrian and bike friendly pathways to local commercial areas to reduce vehicle traffic.


- Significant efficiences through engineering and landscape design to reduce water usage. 


Additional Sustainable Initiatives:


Kind Traveler


- Edgewood Tahoe currently offers Lodge bookings through Kind Traveler in which the customer will donate at least $10 to Take Care Tahoe (or another charity of their choice) to receive a special discount plus additional perks for their stay. Take Care Tahoe inspires visitors and residents to “Take Action” and provides simple ways in which individuals and businesses can help to keep Tahoe beautiful. Several examples of this include keeping watercraft clean of invasive species, providing legal information and tips for fire safety, ways to reduce nutrient and other pollutant runoff into the lake, guidelines for proper trail etiquette, responsible river use, keeping food waste free from bears, and simply picking up after yourself and others.


- Edgewood Tahoe happily offers 4 Tesla electric car charging stations and 2 other all purpose charging stations for other popular electric car brands and models.


- Edgewood Tahoe is a proud participating member of Clean the World. We donate all partially used soaps and other bottled amenities to this great organization so they may distribute them across the world to citizens who desperately need them due to impoverished conditions. Clean the World has a goal of saving one million lives each year through improvements related to hygiene.


- South Tahoe Refuse sorts and recycles materials they receive from Edgewood Tahoe.